TESTIMONIAL> Angel Torres www.ArchangelDesign.ca

TESTIMONIAL> Angel Torres www.ArchangelDesign.ca

THE CONTINENTAL DANCE CLUB TESTIMONIAL 2018  TEAM PARTNER and INSTRUCTOR/SPECIALIST since 2016 Angel Torres https://www.thecontinentaldanceclub.com/about#1518413865496-a29afabc-9fed

In working with Brian R Torner of the Continental Dance Club in the last year, I  appreciate how well we work together, as we share a great passion and respect for all the arts, making goals and always aiming for the very best in ourselves and our product and service. The ability to live in the moment to the fullest and to take risks as an artist are most admirable qualities, for it’s only by taking calculated risks that we can ever truly move forward with our goals. The fearless and generous spirit to never give up, to help everyone around you and to always move forward are truly an inspiration.

The great community and family of dancers and various artists you’ve attracted and nurtured at The Continental Dance Club and its accomanying  website  https://www.thecontinentaldanceclub.com stand as testament to all the hard work and TLC put into maintaining such a diverse and dynamic ecosystem of arts and performance. On a personal level, your energy is also most contagious and can always make everyone around you feel your joy, plus it really motivates and inspires confidence in others.

The fact that the loving Torner family can also run an accountancy firm harmoniously also speaks volumes about the great bond shared in this family of professionals.

I’ve also made lots of great friends because the energy of the studio, students and instructors is always fun and relaxed!

I tip my hat off with respect to you Brian Torner, the Torners, and all the great passionate dancers and instructors for all the inspiring work you all do individually and in unison at the one and only The Continental Dance Club, Mississauga !

Thank you. Danke shoen. Gracias. 🙏
Angel Torres, www.ArchangelDesign.ca