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Subject line:Copyright Board of Canada approves new SOCAN rates for certain tariffs

Dear valued licensee,

The Copyright Board of Canada has recently certified new tariff rates for certain SOCAN tariffs. Some of these new rates are based on inflationary adjustments, which were approved for the first time in many years. As a result, you may realize an overall licence fee increase of approximately 7%.

SOCAN’s tariffs take into consideration the value that music adds to a business. To review the new rates certified by the Copyright Board of Canada, please see the list of affected tariffs here.

What does this mean for my business?

If you are an existing SOCAN-licensed business in good standing:

  • For quarterly tariffs, the new tariff rates will be reflected in your invoice starting October 2017
  • For annual tariffs, the new tariff rates will be reflected in your 2018 invoice

How were the new rates determined?

SOCAN tariffs must be approved by the Copyright Board of Canada, an independent body appointed by the Government of Canada. SOCAN files proposed tariffs with the Copyright Board, to which music users may object. If no objections are made, the Copyright Board may certify the proposed tariff as filed or with modifications. If an objection is filed concerning a particular tariff, the Copyright Board may hold a hearing between SOCAN and the objecting party or parties to determine the tariff. Once certified, the Copyright Board publishes the tariffs in the Canada Gazette.

Where do music licenses go?

SOCAN works to match payments to the music that was played, so that those who created the music can be compensated for their work. SOCAN is nonprofit and completes the complicated and near-impossible task of collecting, calculating and distributing royalties to help songwriters, composers and music publishers can make a living.

On behalf of our over 150,000 songwriter, composer and music publisher members, thank you for putting music to work, legally and ethically, in your business and for being Licensed To Play with SOCAN.

To learn more about the certified new tariff rates, please visit the Canada Gazette.

We are currently updating the SOCAN website with the new tariff rates. If you have questions about your account with SOCAN, please contact us at 1-866-944-6223 or [email protected]

Visit for the latest in reviews and features about SOCAN licensees, members, and the music industry.

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