TESTIMONIAL OF LOVE & THANKS to our dear patrons since 1992: UNESCO7 WDD Inspiration Montage 75 minute special is OUR GIFT TO YOU!

TESTIMONIAL OF LOVE & THANKS to our dear patrons since 1992: UNESCO7 WDD Inspiration Montage  75 minute special is OUR GIFT TO YOU!

THANK YOU our dear patrons, renters, friends, family, fans & supporters of The Continental Dance Club since 1992!


UNESCO7 WDD Inspiration Montage is OUR GIFT TO YOU!

PLEASE ACCEPT OUR TOKEN OF THANKS to our patrons since 1992

UNESCO7 WorldDanceDay Inspiration Montage

production sponsored by The Continental Dance Club



Our gift to our communities of joy through pursuit of the arts and
our family’s
testimonial of love & thanks to YOU!

The Continental Dance Club since 2016 is recognized as Institutional Member by UNESCO, a branch of the United Nations concerned with development of global arts, education and culture. April 29 is the annual date the UNESCO organization CID or Conseil International de la Danse (International Dance Council), declares dance as fundamental to humanity. Brian Torner, director of The Continental Dance Club and owners The TORNER Family extend wishes of health, peace and love to everyone. Please accept  UNESCO7 WDD Inspiration Montage as our gift to you – our manifold communities of educators, dancers, artists, photographers, authors, musicians, mentors, champions of life and masters of all sorts.
Inspiring transformation and joy in the life of the Torners, the owners one could say, are fueled by the love our patrons bring to the table, dance floor, desk and keyboard!
Time flies, life is so precious, in the blink of an eye one year goes by and … suddenly we are socially distant, so allow me the moment to reminisce in the past, be presently present and hope one day soon, we will come together on or near the dance floor at The Continental Dance Club and may that day be soon, so we can all stand together to  offer a toast to Ernst & Ursula’s on their recent 60th wedding anniversary!
TODAY, The TORNERS want you to be inspired by the joy you bring to our daily lives as we all realize FRIENDSHIP THROUGH THE DANCE, as iconic Bill Irvine once pronounced as MC of the legendary British Open BlackpoolDanceFestival. So #StayHome #StayHealthy #FlattenTheCurve and don’t resist the urge: Do get up  and … yes you can DANCE with us!

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Friends of The Continental Dance Club include : CONTACT Photography Festival, 10×10 Photography Project, SalsaInToronto, Mississauga Latin Festival, etc Our patrons enjoy live readings by award-winning women authors of Matadora, Cuarenta y Nueve, Ballroom Icons, Ballroom Poetry and more, our space is home to CapedCrusaders once UrbanMatadors and Maestros of music & more, our space accommodates dancers, singers, musicians, educators and mentors: 2200 members of Academy of Serbian Folk Dancing, to current undefeated Canadian & former World 10 dance Champions, to multi-dimensional authors & muses: REIKI healers and CHAKRADANCE Facilitators, to Professors of Voice, to Mississauga Symphony Orchestra & Toronto City Opera STAGING REHEARSALS for VERDI’s opera La Traviata @ LAC Living Arts Centre to a weekend long mega-milonga: the TorontoTangoMarathon.

THANK YOU ALL and WELCOME (back) soon … to The Continental Dance Club!


Masterful Maestro of Music John Loomis (l) seated with the amazing entrepeneur Kristina Kulikova KULKAT Productions, SHIVER show, DAT ProjectA
on the walls:   part of The Continental Dance Club COLLECTION 
LEFT Urban Matador “Smiling Matador” 2018 CONTACT Photography SOLO Angel Torres PHOTOGRAPHY   AND
RIGHT  CubaLibre artist-signed limited edition series part of Back To The Roots 2019 CONTACT Photography GROUP featuring Angel Torres PHOTOGRAPHY