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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brian, Ernst and The Continental Dance Club JOHN LOOMIS on organ  FOR OUR MUTUAL DANCING + LISTENING PLEASURE Friday August 17   4pm  and 915pm  > 1)”Good Morning Starshine…” from ‘Hair.’ Continuing our Studio 54 journey, here’s a great number to start our live performance segment.  From the 1967 Galt MacDermot musical, “Hair,” this music fits…


THE CONTINENTAL DANCE CLUB TESTIMONIAL 2018  TEAM PARTNER and INSTRUCTOR/SPECIALIST since 2016 Angel Torres In working with Brian R Torner of the Continental Dance Club in the last year, I  appreciate how well we work together, as we share a great passion and respect for…

PROJECT80 [2014] new additions to the family 2018


TOP3 WEDDING DANCE STUDIOS Mississauga…. once again in 2018.

  LETTER OF THE DAY CONGRATULATIONS You are now listed as *|MERGE4|* by Top 3 WEDDING DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY Mississauga, ON >>> The Continental Dance Club   Congratulations! You are now listed as one of the Top 3 Wedding dance choreography in Mississauga, ON….

HAPPY BIRTHDAY …to The Continental Dance Club >> ON ORGAN: John Loomis

    THANK  YOU to my newest student, John Loomis, who graciously has put together a special STUDIO54- inspired set for our listening and dancing pleasure Friday, August 17 3-5pm during afternoon Kaffeeklatsch  AND 8-11pm evening party.  What a lovely gift – the gift of music….

TESTIMONIAL of PRIDE > summer internship Lukas Petschner July-August 2018

My name is Lukas, I am 22 years old, from Germany and visiting Canada this year. I have been in Vancouver since February and I arrived in Toronto the end of June. One of the best friends of my parents, Ute Spaeth, connected me with…

STUDIO54 new honorees inducted into our WALL OF FAME > PROJECT80 (2014) expands with YOU!

WELCOME to The Continental Dance Club PROJECT80 *NEW* WALL OF FAMERS. In addition to the existing kinetic, photographic installation curated  by director of to honour the sacrifice of The TORNER FAMILY maintaining a MEMBERSHIP FREE independent space since 1992 with accompanying innovative interactive website…

LET’S DANCE: HAVANA 500 Angel Torres Brian Torner travel adventures #urbanmatador

August 17 STUDIO54 ANNOUNCING FIRST EVENING MINI-CLASS: DO THE HUSTLE Brian Torner instructor assisted by Keren Brown

  OOLA LA ….IT’S GETTING HOT IN HERE, ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys.                       FREE means : FREE intro class DO THE HUSTLE Following a summer hiatus from dance to concentrate on building  up other…

ONE DAY ONLY> The Continental Dance Club’s metamorphosis into STUDIO54 OPEN HOUSE Kaffeeklatsch 2-5pm + PARTY 8-11pm FREE!

THANK YOU for your patronage, support and love of dance…. 27 YEARS The Continental Dance Club 84 YEARS Ernst Torner CA’s NOW   TORNER and PARTNERS public accountancy 54 YEARS Brian Torner  dancer COME OUT …HAVE FUN…DANCE and MAKE NEW FRIENDS. LAUGH. LIVE. LOVE.