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WELCOME Brian R Torner to Mississauga ARTS scene: FAUSTA

As some of The Continental Dance Club followers/students and friends are aware: director Brian R Torner end of 2020 made the move from downtown Toronto to a gorgeous Lakeview Mississauga condo. One of the first encounters of the year 2021 was with FAUSTA. an exceptional…

Canada Superstar PAGEANT and MODEL search 2020-2021 welcomes: Brian R Torner PARTICIPANT 50+ MEN


MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the TORNERs #TheContinentalDanceClub #BrianRTorner PHOTOS: Jo Pepelnak

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BIRTHDAYS, ANNIVERSARIES and COMMUNITY COLLABORATIONS …. traditions from then to today, moving forward … WITH LOVE

As in 2006, the collaboration of Lausberg Contemporary’s then co-director Brian Torner as PROTAGONIST during SINGER Kim Estey’s album cover title song HE DOESN’T LIKE ME, HE LIES MY BROTHER, bringing ART, PHOTOGRAPHY/VIDEOGRAPHY, DANCE, MUSIC, COMMUNITY and FRIENDS from childhood under the direction of production…

LETTER OF THE DAY … the passing of dear family friend, my TANTE INGE GEI > WE WILL CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE IN ONE YEAR – together!

  Hi Brian Hope your move went well. Know moves are unsettling in the best of times …. Never mind Covid times… You were always so lovely to my mom and so much fun for me … I hope we get to spend time together…

BE LOVE … a poem

BE LOVE Today I haven’t all the answers but over all I know: love must triumph … ueberall I thank you God for the love I receive yours Divine I know I am better … feeling your love grow bravely, taking it slow, trusting my…

MICHAEL BURGES Odon Wagner Gallery serves to bring … past, present & future TOGETHER FOR ART

DIRECTOR OUT ON THE TOWN with FRIENDS OF THE CONTINENTAL DANCE CLUB and former LAUSBERG CONTEMPORARY (Toronto)   To some who know me solely as a dancer, performer, instructor, indeed #UrbanMatador20128 aka #CapedCrusader2020 that is a proponent of #TheArtOfCaping, it might come as surprise that…


Yesterday, via ZOOM interview, The director of The Continental DanceClub announced officially that our venue will be the TITLE SPONSOR for the annual event in Markham held this year on December 20. The eventual winners in will be presented awards by none other than Mr…


The Continental Dance Club ALUMNI take their pride to the streets HALLOWE’EN ON CHURCH

GREY SKIES ARE GONNA CLEAR UP> PUT ON A HAPPY FACE…. Hallowe’en2020   #WEARAMASK #MAKEAFRIEND #BEAFRIEND #LGBTQ2I #CHURCHWELLESSLEYVILLAGE #TORONTO #COVID19 #StayHealthy #SocialDistancing #FriendsWe Have Yet ToMeet #Toronto2020 #Hallowe’en2020 #AngelTORRES #RandyMILKS #MimiSTAR #BrianRTorner