BRIAN TORNER promo 2017-18 teaser video

PHOTO: Angel Torres post:
taken December 1 2017 World AIDS Day Fundraiser for Toronto People With AIDS Foundation

I am so fortunate as invited guest in October to the premiere episode for Rogers TV of ON THE COUCH and CIUT-FM University of Toronto’s RAINBOW COUNTRY radio show for a ersonal interview by host Mark Tara to be aired Tuesday December 26 at midnight.

I cannot speak highly enough of Ken, Antoine and Mark who service the LGBTQ2 communities in Canada & beyond through their passionate devotion to bringing media and special content to you and me; thereby elevating awareness and documenting inspiring her- and his-stories of excellence …including their own THANK YOU all .

SPECIAL THANKS TODAY TO who delivered on the promise to create a TEASER of the half hour YOUTUBE special to be released in Spring 2018.

Sincerely yours in dance celebrating FORTY YEARS WITH FRIENDS
THANK YOU for your kind assistance:
Ken Kenigma, Antoine Elhashem, Mark Tara, Angel Torres