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Canadian DanceSport Federation NEWS > examinations protocol




Taking a Professional examination in person, with an examiner, may not be feasible during the Covid-19 crisis. In order for candidates to continue taking exams, the CDF is offering ZOOM examinations. Skype or Messenger may also be possible.

Candidates must strictly follow all Provincial Public Health Authority protocols including “social distancing” during the examination. The studio, or premises, where the exam takes place must also follow these protocols.

In the Dance Demonstration part of the exam, Candidates in Provinces where the Public Health protocol prevents them from dancing with a partner who is not a member of their household, or in their “bubble”, or may be afraid of infection, may dance the demonstration solo. Please inform CDF beforehand if this is your intention. Candidates may wear a mask if they are dancing with a partner.

For the Theory part of the exam, only the Candidate and the Examiner may be in the room. No recording or taping of the exam is allowed. If these rules are not respected, CDF will void both the result and the qualification.

Candidates needing further information, please contact:

[email protected]

Ann Harding-Trafford, President CDF

Christie Swain

CDF Admin Secretary