OPENING NIGHT TESTIMONIALS @ 9th annual 10×10 Photography Project with Angel Torres PHOTOGRAPHER interviewing assistant Brian Torner

OPENING NIGHT TESTIMONIALS @ 9th annual 10×10 Photography Project with Angel Torres PHOTOGRAPHER interviewing assistant Brian Torner


THANK YOU Angel Torres for spearheading the “Darkness Breathes Light LATINX gun violence” portfolio, culturally and artistically a significant body of work , also meaningful in its sensitive handling of ten very different PARTICIPANT ARTISTS, plus thoughtful placement and order of the ten works, creating a narrative within the narratives starting with PARTICIPANT ARTIST Alex Fiores HOPE and ending with reference to the light of healing & reverence PARTICIPANT ARTIST activist and award-winning best-selling author Joie Lamar, whose refernce in the photography is “Quarenta Y Nueve” a mega-masterpiece of 49 international artists’ individal unique response following the massacre at PULSE Nightclub, Orlando, which claimed 49 lives – a targeted attack against our LGBTQ2 communities. Besides being a relevant and disturbing sign of our time, the whole portfolio takes on something personal: EDUCATION: UNLEARN VIOLENCE.

PARTICIPANT ARTIST Lucy Gala’s moving tribute to Angel Torres’  dearly departed nephew Patrick, who was brutally murdered in Toronto some years ago, has a special healing radiance. Finally, Torres daringly takes us to  PARTICIPANT ARTIST Ramiro whose hauntingly seductive work: DEATH is positively arresting and unquestionably beautiful…

In between, Torres reveals a  great artistic range through use of colour, appreciation of textures of paint, metaphorical use of some drag queen’s train or dress-to-become, for us perfect as an ocean of blood. At all stops, professional and unafraid to be playful, patient, determined and experimental ,interested in preparing each PARTICIPANT ARTIST’ to feel at ease to create . Each of the ten works tells its own story highlighted by living auras, coronas of hopeful, vibrant light-infused colour. There is an incredible sense of “build up” from the first portait  HOPE to the final work: DEATH.


I am honored to assist Angel Torres and I am touched beyond words at the photographer’s magnifscent . It has been a profound experience that isn’t over yet…  meeting all ten PARTICIPANT ARTISTS. I would like to invite and encourage The Gladstone Hotel guests nand visitors to all 4 floors of this exceptional exhibition: SHARE with us any ncomments, questions, reflections and testimonials HERE>


THANK YOU Angel Torres for having faith in me joining you as volunteer & creative assistant with “added value”. THANK YOU curator James Fowler  for being so helpful during all stages, never loosing your cool, the consummate professional, approachable funky artistic casual and delightful to work with. THANK YOU all PARTICIPANT ARTISTS and their understanding & patience of family members and friend. THANK YOU Angel  Torres for this healing dedication photography series! BRAVO!.