WELCOME Photographers/Artists/Authors & guests to #BackToTheRoots OPENING April 26 . 6-10PM

WELCOME Photographers/Artists/Authors & guests to #BackToTheRoots OPENING April 26 . 6-10PM

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

WELCOME TO HOST VENUE The Continental Dance Club>  
starring Ursula Torner, Ernst Torner, BrianTorner Brigitt Mayer, UH Mayer, Cynthia Kozlow, John Ogden
Today, as curator of #BackToTheRoots the 2019 open group exhibition with CONTACT Photography Festival,
https://scotiabankcontactphoto.com/exhibition/back-to-the-roots/ may I thank you all formally for agreeing to exhibit a selection of your works at host venue The Continental Dance Club, located at 3141 Wharton Way, Mississauga, ON L4X 2B6.
#BackToTheRoots opens Friday, April 26 6-10PM with a very special evening including welcome cocktail reception, includes a light meal, fantastic music for listening or dancing, and a special women authors segment – candid pre-recorded interviews by VOX Communications Keren Brown responding to the theme of our exhibition


Confirmed authors: Elizabeth Ruth MATADORA, Joie Lamar QUARANTE Y NUEVE, Carolyn Boll SOCIAL DANCE > A BOOK OF BALLROOM POETRY and Pollyanna Blance IN RHYTHM WITH YOUR SOUL. Some may be present. Interviews will be shown as portion pre-recorded with full release of all interviews in their entirety expected early summer 2019.
The four main photographic artists for CONTACT interpret the theme #BackToTheRoots  with these portfolios:
Angel Torres CUBA,
Richard Fox AND Joseph Pepelnak
Additionally, There are plans underway for inclusion of a special selection of photography by Prof. Katarina Mayer (Germany) from TORNER FAMILY EXTENDED (2012) a commission of works by Brian Torner former codirector Lausberg Contemporary Toronto (2006-2012) http://www.galerie-lausberg.com/ausstellungen/archiv-toronto/ as part of 2012 CONTACT Photography Festival FEATURED EXHIBIT THEATRUM FAMILIAE http://www.galerie-lausberg.com/ausstellungen/detail/theatrum-familiae-contact-photo-festival-featured-exhibition/#ad-image-0.
including as yet unseen and unpublished works – Brian Torner caping with some Toronto families included in the 2012 exhibition, like The Drapell’s, The Mirvishes and many more!
Mr Torres one of the photographers has also been exceptionally helpful in the preparation of promotional material and website detailing. Thank you to his company www.ArchangelDesign.ca. Mr Torres effectively managed most social media blasts and the creation and maintenance of an event page on Facebook, where many patrons of The Continental Dance Club can be easily targeted. To date, there are almost 11k hits. I have extended editor privileges to all participating artists to add content should they be so inclined>

ScotiabankCONTACT2019 #BackToTheRoots Torres Ryaboi Fox Pepelnak

U R G E N T . P L E A S E  R E A D>
In preparation for #BackToTheRoots, I am requesting each photographer select and email to [email protected] and [email protected] in total 8 (eight)HIGH RES  images intended to be printed through one printer Pikto, so there is a uniform aesthetic > all prints will be in 16 x 24 archival fine art print – bamboo from ww.pikto.com
 PLEASE SELECT AND SEND YOUR EIGHT HI RESOLUTION IMAGES NO LATER THAN MIDNITE THIS WEDNESDAY. We will be running a test strip in a smaller size like 8 x 10s which will form the basis of an on site portfolio. The actual prints take upward of 10 (ten) days processing time.
Television has expressed an interest to cover  the third of two additional events run the same weekend and CITY-TV’s Marc & Mandy will conduct an interview with me Wednesday, April 24 late afternoon, so I anticipate installation earlier same day. All artists are welcome to come that day 10am-3pm to the studio to oversee if desired, though I will be arranging for professional installers like Museum Pros or the like to manage.
The Continental Dance Club as host venue will assume the costs for developing prints and installation. The works will NOT be framed and will be placed throughout the venue at 3141 Wharton Way, Mississauga. MY SUGGESTION> We could for example sign and date the displayed prints as 1 0f 3 special edition #BackToTheRoots 2019 CONTACT series…
Great if it can be arranged, that all displayed works be signed by the artist, and  kindly prepare CERTIFICATES OF AUTHENTIFICATION.  Each artist is requested to write a brief descriptor about their selection and include an up-to-date bio/c.v.!
Kindly communicate to The Continental Dance Club c/o Brian Torner [email protected] what intended selling price is to be and the cost sharing arrangement expected. The prices can but do not have to be displayed on the wall. Prospective buyers of the works on display can contact The Continental Dance Club main portal [email protected] with details of their enquiry, including specific artists’ works. Also patrons can leave their info either in a guest book or a bowl where their business cards could go for ease sake.  I anticipate The Continental Dance Club will produce and share 2  PDFs one with prices and the other without, which will form the basis for first round followup.
Each artist may attend with two guests gratis April 26. 6-10PM OPENING
There IS a fee for the evening programme. As we are not a commercial art gallery space, there is a set of additions to warrant $25 or PWYC, CASH ONLY @ the door OR www.thecontinentaldanceclub.com/store
During the remaining exhibition run from April 26 – May 31st ALL VISITS ARE FREE.
Kindly respect our OPEN TO THE PUBLIC HOURS of #BackToTheRoots: Mondays through Thursdays 10AM – 5PM and by special viewing appointments with artist(s) as coordinated by Brian Torner. Special viewing appointments arranged by telephone in advance only either The Continental Dance Club 905 624 6595 or Brian Torner mobile 647 894 1800.
Kindly RSVP at our FB event page or mail me directly. Feel free to invite guests from the page directly or share the URL on your respective websites and social media presences.
Kindly state name(s) of guests so we prepare envelopes for pickup for your guests.
I am so looking forward to celebrating photography, art, dance, shared her- & his-stories and community culture with each of you and our guests!!
warm regards,
Brian Torner
905 624 6595 [email protected]
re #BackToTheRoots CONTACT2019