CONTACT Photography Festival ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: Theatrum Familiae meets Torner Family Extended

CONTACT Photography Festival ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL: Theatrum Familiae meets Torner Family Extended
Hello dear friends
It’s Brian Torner director of The Continental Dance Club in Mississauga wishing everyone well with a special message just for you…
This May we would like to give back some of the joy you bring to our lives daily… in particular 2012 when the Torners plus nine core friends became photography subjects for THEATRUM FAMILIA, a featured CONTACT Photography solo exhibit at Lausberg Contemporary.

The invited internationally acclaimed photographer Prof Katharina Mayer’s portfolio @ Lausberg Contemporary was special because it highlighted non traditional family portraiture for which Mayer is known.
IN ADDITION to the inclusion of a special Toronto portfolio of lucky 13 creative eclectic wonderful families, I, as co-director, photo assistant and photo subject also commissioned a photography series captured by Mayer for my core four plus extended family of art and dance which became known as Torner Family Extended.



Today, in these challenging times, good to take stock of many reasons to be thankful – we are all still alive to read this message, for example!
Under lockdown behind closed doors, there are changes afoot at our beloved venue that will excite & delight you!
The Torner family continues to be proud collectors and supporters of art, music, dance, performance art of all kinds.
Tapetenwechsel  at The Continental Dance Club means it’s time for gift giving. Thank you all 9 +4 for gracing our walls from 2012 until 2018!
Today, please accept our gift of your solo portrait from that time we spent together!  





As THEATRUM FAMILIAE alumnae the Torner core four portraits will move on to their new home wall at Ernst&Ursula’s. The remaining nine portraits will find their new home walls too…

Kindly provide your home or work address detail to me: [email protected] so I can mail you each a CONTACT anniversary present! If you care to share your dreams for a better 2021 and beyond, please feel free to share. Kindly state whether you prefer your comments to remain private. We respect your preferences! 

#StaySafe #StayHome #GetVaccinated #KeepDancing #WeLoveOurDancers @TheContinentalDanceClubreflections of the dance of life

Full PDF viewable here: 

2012 CONTACT Photography Festival


We hope to see you all soon on or near the dance floor at The Continental Dance Club.
Sincerely, #BrianRTorner director


THANK YOU Katharina Mayer; Bernd Lausberg; Ernst Torner; Ursula Torner; Bianca Torner;
Keren A Brown;  Ann Harding-Trafford; Joseph Pepelnak; Hayley Marnoch; Victor & Helen Ross and the Padzics.


ALL PHOTOGRAPHY on this page: Katharina Mayer Duesseldorf >>