The Continental Dance Club | Contact 2022

Contact 2022

CONTACT INFORMATION  – General Inquiries for Venue Rental

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The Continental Dance Club
3141 Wharton Way, Mississauga, Ontario  L4X 2B6
Telephone: (905) 624-6595
Email: [email protected]

Since 1992 The Continental Dance Club is Canada’s leading innovative multidisciplinary membership free, inclusive, safe creative space!

Free Parking behind venue year round!


CONTACT INFORMATION – Existing Instructors or Students

Please do NOT call The Continental Dance Club for information specific to your lesson or event enquiries.

To ALL our community individuals and group Friends of The Continental Dance persons and groups:

#Welcome(back). CALL OR EMAIL your instructor directly.



R E N T A L S – exclusive use  or  shared use 

PROTOCOL & PRICES — The rental rates have been frozen and remain unchanged since 2017!

SHARED RENTAL private lesson OR student practice $20/hour OR $15/45 minutes. OR. $10/30 minutes   (NB others may be on the floor at the same time!)

EXCLUSIVE RENTAL group OR event $50/hour  (NB no others may be on or off the floor at the same time)

  1. KINDLY REMIT FUNDS DUE and seal in envelope provided
  2. ENTER MANUALLY EACH VISIT into LOG BOOK behind DJ stand. Include your own or instructor’s name amount, date, time and seal.
  3. Pre or post lesson/practice: vacate the floor safely, quickly and remain quiet in consideration of others! 
  4. Leave all payments with Imke Wemken OR slide it under her door after hours! Imke’s office is to the right of cloakroom entrance.


IMPORTANT: Since 1992, the Torner Family has managed The Continental Dance Club. There has been one system for all renters that stands the test of 30 years and going strong: PAY AS YOU GO.

The Continental Dance Club appreciates your business!
Largely due to the generosity of its main contributors: Torner Partners Public Accountancy LLB, are we able to offer such richness and diversity to so in future, please respect the rules, be prepared with exact change. “Will pay later” is not acceptable verbiage. No payment = no floor use.

The Continental Dance Club is NOT a collection agency, it is a community treasure. Let’s all keep this in mind. PAY GO is based on SIMPLICITY & HONESTY: NOW


The Continental Dance Club scheduling CHANGES/ADDITIONS/CANCELLATIONS must be made IN WRITING and APPROVED at least 10 days in advance.

Send your email to ADMIN [email protected] and kindly cc [email protected] !

The Continental Dance Club is NOT a retail outlet and not Secretary to all. For the privilege of venue use, thank the Torners.

It is the responsibility of RENTERS to honour PAY AS YOU GO.

WATCH FOR director Brian Torner or admin/tech Joseph Pepelnak  important UPDATES, NEWS, CHANGES HERE: AND on FACEBOOK social media



*NEW S P E C I A L S *

Occasionally The Continental Dance Club incentivizes use with lower fees…

In 2022, to assist our loyal individual and special guest instructors as well as groups and organizations reawaken patron interest and encourage new blood, in the “rebuilding” after COVID19, The Continental Dance Club extends 3 (three) months starting March 1st ending May 31st reduced floor rental fees (events NOT affected) by 50%!

Translated in numbers:

  • Shared private lesson or practice: $10/hour
  • Exclusive group lesson or practice: $25/hour
  • Exclusive Milonga/Practilonga/Argentine Tango Beginner condensed/ Gordon Fong Practice Party:  $25/hour