55 … and still fabulous with family & friends of dance @ The Continental Dance Club!

55 … and still fabulous with family & friends of dance @ The Continental Dance Club!


Just days after my recent 55th birthday, I am drawn to remember the incredible good fortune dancers Brian Torner & Brigitt Mayer were and still are to have been blessed with understanding and supportive families, each, in their own way contributed greatly to a certain minimum comfort level, so we could be free to pursue our art. PHOTOGRAPHY & (creative!) PUBLIC ACCOUNTING guided us through early days and still resonates strongly in our post-competition lives. Even non-blood family friends adaopted TEAM Torner/Mayer like TEAM Tanzschule Dresen Duesseldorf and Eric Wegewitz CASA Musica, the world’s largest supplier of Ballroom Music.

THANK YOU BFF FotoDesigner UH MAYER Duesseldorf STUDIO, UH Mayer,                                                                                                                               ET Chartered Accountants,  TORNER PARTNERS LLB Public Accountancy,                                                                                                                       WERRA Management, REALMARK Investors

For my 50th birthday five years ago I received something incredible from photographer/dancer/author Brigitt Mayer-Karais & father Ulrich Hans Mayer both authors of http://www.ballroomicons.com: a very personal sequal book documenting the creative collaborations of BFF FotoDesigner UH Mayer FotoStudio Duesseldorf with multiple discipline multilpe World finalists TEAM TornerMayer representing Canada from 1991-present called FIFTY & FABULOUS https://www.facebook.com/FIFTY.AND.FABULOUS.TORNERMAYER/?tn-str=k*F


Five years later, rather than an archive of the past, I have the pleasure to be in the present, planning for the future as one half of a creative dynamic team beginning with curator of 2018 Urban Matador a biographical portrait series on the life of Brian Torner, dancer and 2019 BackToTheRoots open call group exhibition with CubaLIBRE2019 portfolio of nostalgic framed and unframed archival bamboo prints.


THANK YOU Angel Torres PHOTOGRAPHY for once again being the man of the hour, capturing the essence of the event FUN had by all Saturday, August 17  6-10PM at  We R Havana B I G . Party!  https://www.facebook.com/events/654914334991330/  .

This year’s birthday extravaganza featured an extended 2019 CONTACT Photography open group call exhibition Back To The Roots CUBA LIBRE portfolio https://scotiabankcontactphoto.com/exhibition/back-to-the-roots/ which included archival dance photography & videography shown on the *NEW* two jumbo monitors from off-site events like Can-Am DanceSport Gala http://www.canam.dance as compiled by Richard Fox, Joseph Pepelnak.

THANK YOU for completely unexpected gift of a huge donation of photographs generously by Inge Taylor,  formerly Inge Wenzel, who as many will recall with then husband Hanno plus the Neumanns, were the volunteer strength contributing to the successful youth classes at the now defunct German-Canadian Club Harmonie, where Jeff & Diane Henssen taught many a future Canadian champion of dance (including Brian Torner, The Vinton Family, Fiona Roessler, David & Julie Doma, Keren Dawkins, Fred Sturm & Tina Aul, Phillip Worrall and so many more…: be they in standard, latin, showdance, exhibition  or 10-dance) representing the oldest amateur dance club in Canada:  The Dance Club Blue Silver http://www.dancebluesilver.com.

Special thanks also to dear childhood friend Fiona Roessler who along with her parents were active fixtures n the DCBS and later for OADA / CADA (Ontario & Canadian Amateur DanceSport Associations) now known as ODS and CDS.(Ontario & Canada DanceSport) .

Musically, besides the traditional non-traditional CONGA4ALL all-on the floor serpentine special ending in a BIG hurrah for Havana 500 and birthday boy, as captured with a “1-2-3 CONGA” by Joseph Pepelnak for Angel Torres. there were also general dancing breaks sounding  like a small concert hall with Cubaton and Flamenco-influenced arrangements and songs heard in between LIVE MUSIC sets with the MAESTRO!

THANK YOU to The Gladstone Hotel & the curator James Fowler for allowing TorresTornerARTprojects to remove the “Darkness Breathes Light” LATINX gun violence portfolio https://www.facebook.com/TorresTornerARTProjects/?modal=admin_todo_tour for intended move Parkdale to Mississauga  to The Continental Dance Club just in time for our birthday event.

SEE/LOVE/PURCHASE/CHERISH Angel Torres special EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY HERE> https://angeltorres.client-gallery.com/gallery/havana-photography-dance-bigparty/My-photos


SPECIAL THANKS to Betty Ann Jordan http://www.ArtInSite.com for the sensational long & short version options of the CRITICAL  REVIEW  https://www.thecontinentaldanceclub.com/long-descriptive-overview-betty-ann-jordan-9th-10×10-darkness-breathes-light.html

THANK YOU WERRA Management for your generous FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY PURCHASES of a selection of CUBA LIBRE 20-19 WORKS AND THE STUNNING *NEW* URBAN Matador installation of nine works in brushed aluminium https://www.thecontinentaldanceclub.com/matador-unesco







THANK YOUs to the HEADLINERS: Carlos Zapata & Sofia Skvirsky wih performed a moving new choreography with which they also competed with during 2019 Blackpool Dance Festival during the prestigious British Open Invitation Exhibition event.


We were treated too to two very touching sets by our “IN HOUSE” MAESTRO himself: John Loomis & The Continental Dance Club virtual dance orchestra + chorus  continues to warm hearts and fills the room with joy. The Maestro prepared a fabulous authentic accompaniment to the free Cuban Rumba lesson by director Brian Torner assisted by Sofia Skvirsky > THANK YOU!


SPECIAL DEDICATION > Angel Torres’ sister Jolie and her murdered son Patrick were the inspiration for the creation of this portfolio  the execution of which required exceptional emotional strength for ten unique separate and individual compelling photo sessions.


SPECIAL GIFT of FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY to Brigitt Mayer-Karakis & husband John Karakis organizers of Can-Am DanceSport Gala         THANK YOU >>> VICTORY aka known as CubaLIBRE2019 . no 12!



SPECIAL GIFT of FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY the SMILING MATADOR to                                                                                                                          Maestro Loomis & The Continental Dance Club virtual dance orchestra + chorus




SPECIAL PERFORMANCE DEBUT: THANK YOU Angel Torres, Cynthia Kozlow, Nathaniel Kozlow, Brian Torner

MATADORA with her MATADORS strike a pose at The RED CARPET https://www.facebook.com/Red-Carpet-Photo-Op-Wall-Entrance-to-the-Continental-Dance-Club-941929735861357/ 

THANK YOU Carlos Zapata, Sofie Skvrsky and Glen Michael director of The National Ballroom Academy for providing space for our lessons!