DON’T MISS LIVE MUSIC @ next appearances of MAESTRO LOOMIS & The Continental Dance Club virtual dance orchestra + chorus

DON’T MISS LIVE MUSIC @ next appearances of MAESTRO LOOMIS & The Continental Dance Club virtual dance orchestra + chorus

RSVP/JOIN/SHARE/LIKE/LIVE MUSIC FOR DANCING during CONTACT Photography Festival #BackToTheRoots open group exhibition hosted by The Continental Dance Club. #BackToTheRoots OPENS FRIDAY, April 26 6-10PM

Mr Loomis is additionally invited to provide a LIVE MUSIC set on Monday, April 29  8PM-MIDNITE during YEAR6 UNESCO International Dance Day SHOWCASE

NEXT TEA DANCE with LIVE MUSIC FOR DANCING by Maestro Loomis and The Continental Dance Club virtual dance orchestra + chorus Sunday, May 26 2-4PM:

MAESTRO LOOMIS SHARES HIS THOUGHTS, LOVE OF MUSIC with the communities of dance&more served by The Continental Dance Club with YOU…

I’m constantly searching for titles of songs that I can arrange for ballroom dancing. This one, which I’ve never seen on any ballroom list, I feel, makes an excellent Cha-Cha!

I’ll be playing a public dancing set at the
CONTINENTAL DANCE CLUB’S YEAR 6, UNESCO’S INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY SHOWCASE, MONDAY, APRIL 29TH, 8 – MIDNIGHT….plus maybe participating in a surprise event or two…😊😉

And a month later, on SUNDAY, MAY 29TH, 2 – 4 there’ll be a final event FINISSAGE TEA DANCE, to wind up a month’s fantastic occasion, also at THE CONTINENTAL DANCE CLUB, THE SCOTIABANK CONTACT 2019 “BACK TO THE ROOTS” PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT.

The song I’m playing here has a special significance for me. In 1967, Frankie Valii and his Four Seasons had this big hit, just as I was about to meet the love of my life, my wife Susan. A few years later she accompanied me as a chaperone, while an associate and I toured Scotland for 3 weeks, with a high school band. THIS SONG was always a favourite when my stage band and I performed it…😄 As ever, when I perform here at home, or at The Club, I’m playing along with two tracks that I’ve previously recorded on the Kawai Es8 keyboard.

The two ballet dancers you see on the right of your screen are also important to me. Over the years, they’ve often provided inspiration, and since we’ve just celebrated The International Woman’s Day, I felt it appropriate to place them on the keyboard. In a ballet pas de deux, it is the man’s role to make his lady look as magnificent as possible, as a homage to her.💖
My male danceur here is likely thinking the same thing as I did when love roared into my life, back around 1967….the title of this song…

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