FOREVER DANCING a poem by Maestro John Loomis

FOREVER DANCING a poem by Maestro John Loomis


Journeying across the stage of life
I met my heart’s desire;
merrily we two-stepped down the aisle
rumbaed in the passionate moonlight
cha-chaed to the sound of laughter
tangoed through the valleys
waltzed to Cohen’s ‘End of Love,’
as one of us was left behind
to recall our forever moments
’til the curtain descended
and both of us dwelt
beyond the realm of time and space;
ecstatic partners once again
now dancing in The Ballroom
with neither sunrise nor sunset
to music Divinely sublime,
our steps transformed
to love’s blissful gliding perfection
while the glitter ball spreads
eternity’s reflection
…forever…dancing. 💖💃🕺💖

….by John Loomis,
the final poem of a trio, “Dancers & Lovers”
completed on April 10, 2019.


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A few things inspired this poem….

1)For centuries poets and songwriters have compared life to a dance.
2)Alkis Raftis, the President of the International Dance Council for UNESCO has written an
Official Message, for April 29th’s worldwide Day of Dance.
In it, he highlights the mystical and spiritual aspects of dance.
3)In his beautiful.and haunting song/poem, “Dance Me to the End of Love,” Leonard Cohen, I believe, talks of a couple maintaining their love until one of them dies…ie. the end of love. But I think love never dies and I say so in my poem.

The photo collage is a kind of before and after. Lol 😊….46 years together then, now close to 48. And only 22 years more to go, until we equal my parents’ 70th wedding anniversary!
🎉🎆🎊🎈💖💘💥😍 WHOOPIE!!!

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