YEAR6 UNESCO International Dance Day SHOWCASE EVENT Monday, April 29 2019


REFLECTING AGAIN 2 MONTHS AFTER our annual mega event weekend 2019> April 26 OPENING #BackToTheRoots #CubaLIBRE20129 open call group exhibition @ CONTACT Photography Festival + April 28 CHAKRADANCE soul spa URBAN TRETREAT  + YEAR6 UNESCO International Dance Day SHOWCASE.


After a few welcome speeches by yours truly son of the Torners senior, I as event coordinator, studio director and MC for an incredible YEAR6 edition of  UNESCO International Dance Day SHOWCASE EVENT,  thank-you’s  were plentiful and champagne flowed effeortlessly, as we stood in appreciation toasting beloved octogenarian venue owners Ernst & Ursula TORNER, who  were thrilled with the level of quality and variety of programming on the night.


WELCOME (back) home, evening headliners, in younger career years under my dance tutilage,  today as artists and adults,  you have BIG PLANS and still keep it sophisticated and you are both masterful in your unique ways, inspiring me to say    my dear “grown up” collegues of dance excellence: Carlos Zapata & Kamil Studenny plus students testing the waters on our 28x60foot near championship-sized dance floor before their incredible sell out June 14th mega production  of The BIG SHOW, welcome their next generation of champions junior exhibition dancers, bringing added value and undeniable feline prowess to any project as advisors/sponsors/promoters, welcome two captivating, innovative community builders with a social conscience, Kristina Kulikova KULKAT PRODUCTIONS and sister Elena Kulikova multi-media muse, working together with SMILES FOUNDATION collaborative painter/perfomance art, moving on to internationally acclaimed and sought after dancers from www.marcetic.com THE BEST OF THE BEST in FOLK ARTS: The Academy of Serbian Folk Dancing, together since inception some ELEVEN internationally  performing and competiting ensembles of dancers,  educators and musicians WOW > 15 seasons at The Continental Dance Club, staying on the European sub-continent conga-ing in finest European style and Canadian design, devoted clients for several decades of TORNER & PARTNERS Public Accountancy Practice:    The Kratochwils’ , Karl and Roswitha, thank you for returing in 2019 as proud owners of INTERNATIONAL IMPORTERS and GIMPEX, loco-motioning right along in CBMP  some more authentic South American flair, Tanguera Suprema Elizabeth Sadowska also attended to announce the return of www.TorontoTangoMarathon.com January 10-12, 2020 to our venue, and as if this did not already make our CONGA4ALL a serpentine super line, right on cue, THANK YOU for bringing TOP TEACHER and TOP STUDIO honours at Maple Leaf Classic Championship late 2018, THANK YOU all members of The Continental Dance Club Pro-Am ALL STARS: this year Nathaniel Koslow INSTRUCTOR/SPECIALIST since 2017 at The Continental Dance Club and students warmed our spirits, as did I have the particular honour and pleasure to coordinate collaboration & receive the love another TEAM PARTNER since 2016,  REIKI healer & CHAKRADANCE facilitator plus featured author at CONTACT Photography Festival open call group exhibition OPENING NITE just a few days earlier THANK YOU for joining the conga beat with your sense of elegance thoughfulness and consequent community-minded creativity, the lovely Pollyanna Blanco who by aligning herself with Christopher Johnstone (sound bathing) and Brian Torner (caping artistry), also made for a brief testimonial UNESCO IDD programme point>  URBAN RETREAT soul spa series January to April  months of awakened energies, helping us all ease into the new year beautifully, quickstepping on to one spectacular senior speedy gonzalez style but with time to spare for CONGA’ing SPECIAL THANKS FROM ALL OUR COMMUNITIES OF UNITY WHICH MAKE UP OUR INCREDIBLE FAMILY OF INDEPENDENT MOVERS, SHAKERS, THINKERS: YOU ARE NUMBER1 everyone’s favourite fun lovable barnstorming parquette motivating Maestro of Music. THANK YOU for your great community sense, love, family, faith, energy, curiosity & youthful vigour and incredible realization of PROJECT:SUCCESS. THANK YOU for serenading the dancers, clients & guests during daytime office hours, leading nimbly to seemingly effortless joyous & triumphant execution of very complex arrangements of music on  , documentary poetry,   planned TEA DANCE DATES culminating in the big show next to members of THE BIG SHOW.



THANK YOU again for your gracious time and thouughtful gesture to nominate The Continental Dance Club  for a 2019 Inspire Award in the category POSITIVE LGBTQ2 Business of the Year,  causing curious conversations amongst curators, authors, photographers and special guests alike, including former Canadian Amateur Standard and 10-Dance Champions from the 1960’s, The Rosses, Victor & Helen, and heaven just got closer – THANK YOU so much – what a pleasant surprise that brough tears to my eyes,  yes that’s right: 2019 marked the (surprise!!) return of the most stylish ladies welcoming smiles for everybody  who entered the front door , the ultimte social dance duo date and Red Carpet Photo Op Wall  pair: wonderful to welcome back Fanny D’Ospina and Claire Mohammed, after a hiatus, great too to take the lead to hand it to over to my ever-competent, amazing first dance partner Keren Brown who recently reconnected with The Continental Dance Club off-site to add a SPECIAL PROGRAMME FEATURE by VOX COMMUNICATIONS (soon to be known as VOX LEADERSHIP)  to the youtube featured #BackToTheRoots WOMEN AUTHORS INYERVIEW SERIES (which debuted with LIVE READINGS a few days earlier), kudos  and appreciation must also flow in the direction of the quiet guy in the background, owner of  http://www.cmwjp.com welcome dancers and sponsors/promoters  and Facebook’s soon to close page:  Joseph Pepelnak moving on to future forward-thinking direction with more than a little help for media guests from CITY-TV’s Marc & Mindy SHOW, who approached The Continental Dance Club to sell Television commercial slots for January – April 2020 and were   of the many warm supporters of our annual mega event always falling as UNESCO declares on April 29 as International Dance Day. UNESCO CID is a United Nations branch organization.

PHOTO taken at Toronto City Hall withy Councillor Won-Tam who announced the 2019 www.InspireAwards.ca NOMINEE LIST which included The Continental Dance Club in the category LGBTQ2 POSITIVE Business of the Year


Since 2016, The Continental Dance Club is an INSTITUTIONAL MEMBER of The United Nations member organisation CID (Conseil International de la Danse)

Since 2016 director of www.thecontinentaldanceclub.com Brian Torner is an INDIVIDUAL MEMBER of CID

This worldwide unifier of dance cultures: UNESCO CID has as its understood mandate to encourage its members to motion toward bringing the colourful cultures of dance, seen as fundamental to humanity, together with other forms of community culture, like all forms of visual art & photography/videography, live music-making and composing/arranging, to facilitating an energized, inspired creativity,  infusing collective conscience with a flair for drama and curiousity  for theatre, dance, performance  poised  to flourish accepting  the undeniable restorative, healing qualities we all have within us.  THANK YOU for the Spring awakening!

SPECIAL THANKS Ernst & Ursula Torner, who also CONGA’d throughout the 6000 square foot spacious dance floor and venue & banquest area A-lined with community-based interactive, kinetic photographiic organic expanding, changing PROJECT80 WALL installation inspired  by Juergen Paas’ wall asculpture and multi-dimensional public art and private room installations ..

THANK ONE MAN FOR HIS OUTSTANDING EFFORTS to bring our beloved venue in line for  newest techical sound and lighting effects, hooking up greater capacities in audio visual options including two huge monitors and for upping our game as emerging entertainment, meeting, party + small-medium event location, rehearsal & learning space, with ample white wall space available for artists’  exhibition style lighting  illuminating perimeter of the current fine art photography exhibition introducing Torres’ LIMITED EDITION works of 3 on special museum quality archival bamboo stock https://scotiabankcontactphoto.com/exhibition/back-to-the-roots-2/



CONGRATULATIONS on a spectacular ascension to glory through your hard work and dedication to the ART OF PHOTOGFRAPHY, I extend extra special thanks, congratulations, adulation and ARTIST sponsorship, I have learned to listen and learn to grow in the ultimate appreciation of dear friend, collegue and valued community TEAM PARTNER of The Continental Dance Club since 2016 Angel Torres PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY, whose NOSTALGIA SERIES #CubaLIBRE2019 fine art photography selections will remain on display until the last day of summer during  the 500th anniversary year birthday of Havana, Cuba!



THE GALLERY IS NOW OPEN> https://angeltorres.client-gallery.com/

To obtain password to open a specific gallery, kindly email artist Angel Torres [email protected]


WELCOME BACK TO THE ROOTS … and WELCOME HOME to 3141 Wharton Way, Mississauga!

YOU are what we are all about… 27 years of shared her- & histories…

TEAM PARTNERS with direct logo link . https://www.thecontinentaldanceclub.com/about#1518418458451-3ad9fa4d-a326

INSTRUCTORS/SPECIALISTS/SPECIAL GUEST ARTISTS  https://www.thecontinentaldanceclub.com/about


Have an excellent summer

Respectfully yours,

Brian Torner