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Sanja Ranković PhD

Singing & Vocal Coach
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Biographical Info

Ms. Sanja Ranković, PhD, graduated from the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade (1994), Department of Ethnomusicology, and received her master’s degree in ethnomusicology (2001). She defended her PhD thesis in 2013, at the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade also. Topic of her PhD dissertation was “Vocal dialects of the Dinaric Serbs in Vojvodina”. Sanja Ranković , PhD, is currently working at the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade as an assistant professor in the Department of Ethnomusicology. So far, she has worked in numerous institutions where she taught traditional singing. In addition to working at the university, she also actively cooperates with all institutions where she worked prior to her employment at the Faculty of Music Arts.

Immediately upon graduation in 1994, she started working as an ethnomusicologist in the National Ensamle “KOLO“. In 1995, she started the Department of Traditional Serbian Singing and Playing at the Music school Mokranjac, where she runs the Department and works as a professor of traditional singing. Along with her students, she has had notable performances in Japan, France (Paris), Croatia (Zagreb), FIROM (Skopje), Switzerland, Cyprus, Hungary, Russia, etc. She was the author of traditional music concerts within BEMUS twice (in 2007, and in 2010).

Since 1998, she has also been teaching traditional singing to the students of the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade, at the Department of ethnomusicology. In association with Vienna Academy of Music (Austria), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), and Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest (Hungary), she and her students have also staged numerous concerts in Serbia and abroad. In 2012, pupils and students of her class won two first prizes, and one second prize at the Optina Spring competition, held in Russia, and one second prize at the International Voice Competition in Braila (Romania).

Since 2003, she has been a full – time associate at the National Ensemble Kolo, as an expert in traditional music programs. Apart from concert activities with the performers of the ensemble Kolo, she was the author of two full – length musical stage plays, which were performed at the National Theatre in Belgrade, Raša Plaović Stage (Images of the Folklife, and Kosovo and Metohija Testimonies). She has been a perennial associate at the Society of Culture and Arts Stanko Paunović in Pančevo, where she has been teaching traditional singing as well.

She has delivered numerous lectures, seminars, and workshops in the country, as well as abroad (Switzerland, Germany, France, Macedonia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, etc.). Her lectures at the DMUBC Ilija Nikolovski Luj in Skopje, Department of Traditional Music and Dance, and Music school Hector Berlioz in Paris were especially notable. She has achieved cooperation with the Department of Ethnomusicology at Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest, where she also delivered a lecture and organized a concert of her students and pupils (2011). For almost two decades, she has been working as a traditional singing lecturer at the Serbian Folk Dance and Song Study Centre of the National Ensemble Kolo.

In 1993, she has started a female singing group MOBA, with which she still performs traditional music at numerous concerts in Serbia and abroad (Russia, Greece, Germany, France, etc.). Sanja Ranković participated as a performer in recording of several audio editions, published by a vocal group “Moba”, in music for films like “Savior” and “The Dagger”, and in the jazz pianist Vladimir Marčić’s project, under the name “Ritual”.

She has directed her scientific – research work to studying vocal practices in Vojvodina, Central Serbia, Eastern Serbia, Southern Serbia, Southwestern Serbia, Kosovo, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She collaborates on ethnomusicological projects of Matica srpska from Novi Sad, the Department of ethnomusicology at the Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade, and Serbian Folk Dance and Song Study Centre of the National Ensemble Kolo.

She was awarded with the recognition of Association of Music and Ballet Pedagogues of Serbia for the successful annual (2001) and perennial (2006) pedagogical work. As a performer, she has participated in six audio editions, and that is also the number of those she prepared with other groups (the singers of the National Ensemble Kolo, students of Music school Mokranjac from Belgrade, vocal group “Studenac” from Kragujevac, and vocal groups of the Society of Culture and Arts Stanko Paunović from Pančevo).

She is an active member of the Serbian Ethnomusicological Society’s Managing Board and author of several traditional music concerts organized by this society. The themes of her ethnomusicological interest are from the field of applied ethnomusicology, as well as the issues of vocal practices. During 2013 and 2014, she took part in two projects in the field of culture, which were funded by the EU. Moreover, she is a member of the International Association of ICTM (Study Group on Music and Dance in Southeastern Europe). Besides performing and pedagogical activities, Sanja Ranković has also published several scientific papers and two books. One of the books represents a manual for learning the art of Serbian traditional singing.

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