LETTER OF THE DAY … the passing of dear family friend, my TANTE INGE GEI > WE WILL CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE IN ONE YEAR – together!

LETTER OF THE DAY … the passing of dear family friend, my TANTE INGE GEI  > WE WILL CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE IN ONE YEAR – together!


Hi Brian

Hope your move went well. Know moves are unsettling in the best of times …. Never mind Covid times…

You were always so lovely to my mom and so much fun for me … I hope we get to spend time together in the next years


And your parents were so close to my dad and mom for so many years …


I know it must have seemed strange to you that I wasn’t at my mom’s last birthday but it has been a much longer road than anyone knew

My mom was proud and tenacious and I took care of her and made sure her wishes to stay in her apartment came through




By the time she went to the hospital on Nov 6, she had advanced dementia and wasn’t eating

She fooled everyone and kept up her charm, even the social workers when I tried to get more help

To be admired but it was exhausting

She loved her parties and the attention and fun… but she insisted on doing things her way which meant a lot of scrambling to make things work last minute …and so I got everything ready on the day  and this time when I knew there would be kind friends who could be there to celebrate and help her …. I took a break

It’s been years of hospital visits and emergencies with first my dad and then my mom so yes I lost them both slowly over a long period of time

(EDITOR NOTE: What many people did not know, Inge Gei was extremely active in her community of friends and despite losing her husband years ago, she insisted in maintaining a habit of visiting hospitals as a CLOWN, which I personally found amazing and inspiring to this day! What a lovely legacy of compassion … and like her daughter Inge was quite the ACTRESS and PARTICIPANT in family and community!)


They were both strong willed charming survivors and good but complex people

So now there are all the waves of complex emotions to deal with – relief yes and frustration and sadness – all normal I know
I’m lucky to have wonderful buddies to share and work through this with

Sooo We will celebrate my mom  in a beautiful way next Nov 29th 2021
It will  the biggest party – one she would love
Entertainment, music ,toasts (with Jaegermeister of course ) Some friends will sing …if you want to do something we have a year to plan;)??
I’m renting a hall  near where she lived an day  and near a subway so her friends have easy access

Her favourite bar is all coming – the clowns – of course her dear German friends , my friends – it will be stellar and we will send her on her way, post Covid, in a beautiful way


I also have more free time and I do hope you and I can get to know each other more … think we would have such fun!

Hugs to you and your family
Stay in touch 🙂