MICHAEL BURGES Odon Wagner Gallery serves to bring … past, present & future TOGETHER FOR ART

MICHAEL BURGES Odon Wagner Gallery serves to bring …  past, present & future  TOGETHER FOR ART



To some who know me solely as a dancer, performer, instructor, indeed #UrbanMatador20128 aka #CapedCrusader2020 that is a proponent of #TheArtOfCaping, it might come as surprise that as director of The Continental Dance Club, I have a his-story of recent years as co-director of Lausberg Contemporary, a photography and minimal/kinetic art gallery most recently across the AGO, Member ADAC and Art Toronto Selection And Advisory Committee 2006 to 2012.


The Lausberg aesthetic was very present in North American and European International Art Fairs from 2006-2012. Lausberg Contemporary had its share of local and international fans including Toronto’s Kathi Durst, collector and a dear friend of Olga Korper and Fela Grunwald, who were most instrumental in getting young Brian Torner and Bernd Lausberg “on their feet” as gallerists. Kathi occasionally assisted at both locations: 880 QueenStreetWest and later across the AGO at 236 Dundas Street, West in Toronto.

TODAY, during these difficult COVID times, I had the opportunity to bring two of my favourite people together: Kathi Durst meets Angel Torres!

Angel Torres is a Colombian-Canadian, whose photography has been featured for the last couple of years with the assistance of Brian Torner acting as Torres’ consultant, collector & creative assistant.

CONTACT Photography Festival  #UrbanMatador, #CubaLibra #BackToTheRoots

Mississauga Latin Festival  #UrbanMatador, #CubaLibre, #BackToTheRoots

10 X 10 Photography Project and

SalsaInToronto.com  #Havana500 featuring framed Havana works part of  The Continental Dance Club COLLECTION.

One of the often featured solo and group artists connected to the Lausberg galleries in Duesseldorf, Toronto and at one time also Miami, was Duesseldorf’s own Michael Burges.

I happen to own a sizeable collection of Burges’ earliest  REVERSE GLASS PAINTINGS, a wonderful VIRTUAL SPACE BOX, but it was some of the REFRACTION WAVE PAINTINGS under plexiglas and the  GOLD and SILVER LEAF REVERSE GLASS PAINTINGS. TODAY, we were treated extremely well by the exceptionally friendly, informed 2 generations family and staff at Odon Wagner Gallery, where I recommend everyone to catch Michael Burges’ REVERSE GLASS PAINTINGS solo exhibition on now until DECEMBER 5, 2020!