Music Maestro writes: ‘The show must go on!’, so #StayHome #TUNEin #UNESCO7WorldDanceDayInspirationMontage > a victory celebration!!

Music Maestro writes: ‘The show must go on!’, so #StayHome #TUNEin  #UNESCO7WorldDanceDayInspirationMontage > a victory celebration!!

THANK YOU Maestro John Loomis. #UNESCO7WorldDanceDayInspirationMontage > a victory celebration!! Saturday, May 9 6PM info scroll down….

I guess you could say that The Continental Dance Club has 2 theme songs…
WILLKOMMEN (from ‘Cabaret’) and that great Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers’ classic THE CONTINENTAL – quite appropriate, don’t you think?!😉 I’ve played them both, during dances and other functions, at this magnificent venue.

Interestingly enough, I’d not heard of it until I was hunting for a place where a dear U.S. ballerina friend could both perform and teach, during an extended visit here. Sadly, she never made it to Canada, but 20 months later, I’m thrilled to say that The Continental Dance Club has enriched my life beyond my wildest expectations, both artistically and personally!!

And all this occurred mainly due to my becoming artistic colleagues and dear friends with its Director, Brian R Torner. To say that Brian and I were compatible would be an enormous understatement! Amazing ideas are always a part our meetings together, with a wonderful reversal of roles as teacher/student.

Although I’d conducted 2 stage bands before, I’d never provided music for dancing as a one-man band. With the purchase of two Es8 Kawai digital keyboards, one for my home and one for the club, I was able to do this. Under Brian’s inspiration and encouragement, I’ve now produced about 50 original arrangements of various ballroom style songs. We had fun inventing a name for the resultant sound… ‘Maestro Loomis and The Continental Dance Club’s Virtual Dance Orchestra and Chorus.’

But the dance arrangements were just a start for a period in my life, that Brian prophetically declared would be quite a ‘metamorphosis’ for me…My wife Susan, and I, had retired years from our 30 years of running Loomis Academy of Music. And although I didn’t realize it, my hyperactive creative nature was ready to cheerfully EXPLODE!! With further encouragement by the owners of the club, Brian’s folks, loveable Ernest and Ursala Torner, my performing confidence continued to grow.

A dance teacher at the club, Nathaniel Kozlow, was also a wonderful source of support and from the start. My ‘acting chops’, used sparingly throughout my life also found encouragement. My friends can likely notice the dramatic flair that’s continuing to grow in my performance videos. And once again, Brian is ALWAYS there to mentor and guide me…

There’s so much to tell you, I can’t possibly share it all here…but my poetry now includes dance subjects…And with this necessary isolation we’re all experiencing, I’m returning to some classical piano pieces that I performed many years ago with new confidence…The caping lessons with Brian, who’s designing a whole new life’s philosophy with the introduction of the Cape Crusader concept, is a marvellous new innovation that I enjoy participating in. 😊😮👌


The Continental Dance Club is full of love, inspiration and people willing to help you fulfill your creative potential…Angel Torres, Brian’s good friend and an awesome Photographic Wizard, is also a delight to work with. We’ve already collaborated on some endeavours, with lots of potential there for future projects.
….Joseph Pepelnak, who gives so much of himself, has revived my connection with the Mississauga Symphony, after several decades. I now find myself writing their concert program notes and attempting some composing for orchestra….So, my ‘cup has indeed overflowed!’ Creativity, self fulfillment, working with loving individuals….If ever you wanted a place to explore your creative abilities, this is the place!!!!


My wife, Susan, who will be heard singing on Saturday’s Montage, loves the spirit at The Continental Dance Club! Some health concerns prevent her from active participation right now, but she always enjoys the presentations there and loves how it has so enriched our creative and personal lives. She is, and always has been, a wonderful contributing partner, behind the scenes, when I’m preparing anything for the club.

And not only did Brian set me up on Facebook with a whole new list of fellow artists, dancers, writers, painters, etc., he introduced me to a very dear individual from his past, who now is among the special people in my life…Elizabeth Sadowska, The Tango Queen! 😊🤗💃🕺And now in my 74th year, I’m actually learning how to dance…The Tango!! Wowie!! Like Brian she is both an artistic colleague and a dear friend, who I also share interchangeable teacher/student roles with. Not only that, a whole new group of people, through Elizabeth’s wonderful Rhythm and Motion Dance Studio have become my ‘Tango Buddies!’

All the people I’ve mentioned here will be represented in this amazing collage that Brian and Angel have put together….and many, many wonderful artists that have been part of The Continental Dance Club story. I know from their past work, that the UNESCO 7 MONTAGE they’ve created, will be an exceptional achievement that shouldn’t be missed!! Please tune in online and tell your friends about it. And what a wonderful concept it was of Brian’s to create a tangible example of that venerable showbiz tradition, ‘the show must go on!’ Come and join us in this victory celebration!!

…and here’s an ‘improved’ version of my arrangement of THE CONTINENTAL that I’ve just finished. 😊😉💃🕺😍🙏🎹🎶🎵


TUNE IN Saturday, May 9. 6PM PUBLIC RELEASE video special UNESCO7 WorldDanceDay Inspiration Montage SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube Channel FREE and GO TO VIEW >

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UNESCO7 WDD Inspiration Montage PUBLIC RELEASE Sat May 9 6PM

TUNE IN Saturday, May 9. 6PM PUBLIC RELEASE video special UNESCO7 WorldDanceDay Inspiration Montage SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube Channel FREE and GO TO VIEW >

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