NEWS NEWS NEWS: OCTOBER 7th 8-10:30pm > SNAP south Mississauga @ The Continental Dance Club!

NEWS NEWS NEWS: OCTOBER 7th 8-10:30pm > SNAP south Mississauga @ The Continental Dance Club!

The Continental Dance Club dance director Brian Torner is pleased to announce that he will fill in for regular teachers Rafael Betty Piecyk away on competition/show/training tour in Europe, Monday, October 7 from 8-9:30pm! Students and teachers welcome. Not paid & registered yet? Pay on the day OK. Please arrive by 7:45 or connect with [email protected] / 905 624 6595 beforehand. Thank you for your consideration! Join Brian Torner for LATIN ESSENTIALS OCTOBER 7th 8-9:30pm with SAMBA focus.

Watch for SNAP’s October and November The Continental Dance Club’s coverage! The Continental Dance Club is able to offer introductory free dance lessons – and ensure standards of excellence – to a greater community, because of the commitment of the teachers who raised funds on April 29th OPEN HOUSE on UNESCO International Dance Day! How inspiring that those dancers today recognize and now contribute to a history of 21+ years – just now emerging with the birth of it’s own online community:! Welcome all NEW friends and members. Join ANY OR ALL 6 FREE BEGINNER MEDALIST PREP CLASS by Tanya Cardinal of the Canadian DanceSport Federation from 9:30-10:30pm on select Mondays & Wednesdays!

I AM MOST DELIGHTED TO WELCOME as The Continental Dance Club special guest, Robert, THE EDITOR OF SNAP with PHOTOGRAPHER & CAMERA TEAM for SNAP SOUTH MISSISSAUGA attending October 7th all evening 745-1045pm! THANK YOU, Robert & SNAP! I Look forward to reconnecting on October 7th for the SNAP The continental Dance Club November issue coverage of the special offer generated through the commitment of our teachers & students … and increasing awareness & benefits of The Continental Dance Club membership! THANK YOU FOR TAKING INTEREST IN OUR DANCE COMMUNITY AS WE REACH OUT TO A GREATER COMMUNITY THAT CAN APPRECIATE DANCE!

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