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Dance Partner Search & TRYOUTS ALERTS

LOOKING FOR A PARTNER for yourself or your student(s)? Coordinate your TRYOUT             @ The Continental Dance Club with the your instructor OR request to coordinate with dance director Brian Torner.

START THE PROCESS! CONNECT! Instructors as students may utilize, through posting, linking & sharing this FREE PARTNER SEARCH.

Send email to [email protected] with maximum 3 (three) picture files in jpeg form, low resolution please – plus brief CV (100 words or less).

INCLUDE your current level/style/age/gender type of dance partner search. INCLUDE the city where you live/ willingness to relocate. Each listing will be reviewed & entered on to the website FORUM subsection PARTNER SEARCH by Brian Torner, Continental Dance Club dance director, for suitability. Your entry may be removed at any time. Should you have found a partner by whatever means, kindly inform immediately. THANK YOU!

(NB: If you produce a graphic for inclusion, include your telephone contacts. Potential partners may contact you directly. You may include graphic work. All submissions approved by Brian Torner, your partner webmaster)