#PROJECTmatadorDUO welcomes Rafael COLON Bermudez of Miami to Canada!

#PROJECTmatadorDUO welcomes Rafael COLON Bermudez of Miami to Canada!

Hello dancers!

It’s Brian Torner from The Continental Dance Club extending best wishes to Friends of The Continental Dance Club wherever you are on this gorgeous Canadian Indian summer day! With the reopening of the borders, I am very excited to launch new directions for my personal creative growth: #PROJECTmatadorDUO !

#TheArtOfCaping has come a long way since 2018 #UrbanMatador1, #UrbanMatador2 and #UrbanMatador3, the biographical portrait series of Brian Torner by photographer Angel Torres which travelled from Toronto to Duesseldorf to Cologne to Amsterdam to Havana and back to The Continental Dance Club!



In 2021, #TheArtOfCaping is an activity which brings much of director Brian Torner’s skillset related to dance, art, photography and videography, but in November 2021 I am making a bold move to welcome another dance artist from Miami FL USA to my home and to the school to collaborate. Please make him feel welcome!


Known during his competitive and show dance career as Rafael Colon, he has danced with the likes of Sharon Savoy, Ana Llorente, Gabriella Young – in 3 disciplines: International Latin, American Rhythm and Cabaret/Theatre Arts divisions grand finalist across North America!

Mr Colon expressed pre-COVID the desire to connect to me and #TheArtOfCaping … and, finally, now the time is rife!


WELCOME Rafael Colon to The Continental Dance Club with all your hearts November 2- November 14 2021!

Rafael COLON has limited availability for private tuition all styles. Please connect directly with MrColon: CELL +1` 305 773 8684   OR   [email protected]



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