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The Continental Dance Club director Brian Torner’s recent & past career highlights including collaborations as dancer, teacher, choreographer, mentor, artist and still going strong performing with some of the world’s finest dancers & inspiring personalities !

In 2017, along with his own return to competitive DanceSport, Brian Torner former The Continental Dance Club pro-am ALL STARS. His return to the dance floor took months of preparation, lessons on a regular basis, coaching lessons with Wendy Johnson, Denis Tremblay, group lessons with GaGa Dancers, Ecstatic Dance and most notably tutelege from their childhood teacher/mentor Ann Harding-Trafford and was with none other than his first competitive dance partner from some 35 years ago: Keren Brown nee Dawkins

BRIAN TORNER  MCreator of dance dreams wedding/specialty/showdance from 2000-2003 was HOST & COLOUR COMMENTATOR for 6 consecutive seasons of “Dancing at the Palais” the hit about DanceSport on Women’s Television Network (Canada).
During the run of this exceptionally popular TV show, Brian was devoted to the  elevation of production values in KEY to QUALITY and ENJOYED COLLABORATING with the TEAM — this was a serious GAME CHANGER for life!

1. Acquisition of MUSIC SPONSOR: CASA MUSICA, Dusseldorf (World’s largest supplier of music for dancing)

2. Acquisition of CLOTHING SPONSOR: HOAX COUTURE, Toronto

3. Through the acquisition of support from USABDA to allow US teams to participate in the final 2 seasons.

Brian was smitten with the dance since age 12 when following a group lesson at the now defunct German-Canadian Club Harmonie in downtown Toronto, where former Canadian champion Jeff Hennsen taught with his wife Diane Hennsen taught for Dance Club Blue Silver, Brian was approached by a ‘talent scout’ in the form of a popular senior dancer Ron Dawkins to begin competition dancing with Ron’s daughter, Keren Brown (nee Dawkins). Brian moved from strength to strength in a six year partnership culminating in the win of the Ontario Closed Amateur Latin Championships defeating the then reigning Ontario & Canadian Amateur 10-dance champions! The next partnership with Elizabeth Sadowska was equally successful. Brian was able to defend his title as undefeated Ontario Closed Amateur Latin & 10-Dance Champion.

In the late 80’s at 23 years of age, Brian embarked on a professional career path with partner Shirley Johnson, who later went on to become undefeated United States Professional Latin Champion with Billy Sparks. With Shirley, Brian would become the first North American professional before or since to win the USISTD East Coast Rising Star Championships in 3 styles: International Latin, American Style Smooth & American Style Rhythm whilst ALSO becoming grand finalist in the open professional divisions of the same styles !

The greatest competitive successes; however, with nothing short of a meteoric rise to success within less than 3 years dancing in international & World Championship events representing Canada came with the partnership of Brian Torner with Dusseldorf, Germany native Brigitt Mayer (author Ballroom Icons & “Fifty & Fabulous” )

ENJOY  “SINATRA GOES LATIN” choreographed by Oliver Wessel-Therhorn, a brilliant second year effort, after placing 4th in 1992 with “PINK PANTHER” TORNER/MAYER placed RUNNERS UP in the 1993 WDC World South American ShowDance in Bonn, Germany’s BEETHOVENHALLE!


“Since the age of 12, for now 40 years, I feel with confidence: I am experienced and qualified with an impressive CV. So blessed to say: True to my own Metamorphosis… I continue to dance myself and assist others in the pursuit of their dreams moment to moment, step by step…”
Brian Torner, The Continental Dance Club Director

Since retirement from the competitive arena in 1997 with Brigitt Mayer, Brian has devoted his life to sharing his love & joy of dance through philanthropy such as 2014 & 2015 for DANCING CLASSROOMS, the worldwide project created by Pierre Dulaine, the subject of Hollywood films: TAKE THE LEAD in which Brian’s student Katya Virshilas played the leading dance role in the steamy Tango scene opposite lead Antonio Banderas. DONATE/VISIT . With Miss World Canada 2013, Camille Munro, Brian devoted a TRIBUTE DANCE, the production of a TESTIMONIAL VIDEO and raised several thousand dollars, whilst increasing public awareness for this incredible charity – an amazing immersive inter-curricular experience at Grade 3, 5 & 8 levels designed to empower aspiring youth all over the world!


NB: the creation of the new demo/docu reel for the Continental Dance Club by Richard Fox was the perfect moment to connect with iconic Olga Foraponova-Wright to dance a number from the soundtrack of GATSBY by NERO.

ARTISTIC COLLABORATION 2013 — Brian Torner with Olga Foraponova-Wright

ARTISTIC COLLABORATION 2013 — Brian Torner with Olga Foraponova-Wright


Have Fun, Laugh and Dance a cameo with friend, childhood crush, and fellow artist songwriter with her husband producer…”

METAMORPHOSIS revisited 15 years after Brian Torner performs with the iconic Brigitt Mayer, but also fellow LEGENDS 2 in dance: Alain Doucet & Anik Jolicoeur, Pierre Allaire & Mireille Veilleux and Danny Quilliam & Ieva Pauksena.

Inspire, Invest Time, Create & Motivate our Youngest Hopefuls, The Stars of the Future, Our Children: Anna Nina Kus & Winson Tam Repeat WDSF World Junior & Youth 10 Dance & Latin FinalistsDancing “COCONUTS.

Special Junior ShowDance created for PBS-TV’s “Championship Ballroom Dancing”. From musical arrangement to designing costumes, choreography, lessons from start to finish & follow up, this is a great example of the complete artistic package by Brian Torner!”


ORIGINAL METAMORPHOSISSwan Song Retirement Number with Brian Torner & Brigitt Mayer. Runners-up British Open Invitation Exhibition event representing Canada. Choreography: Dr. Ruud Vermeij. This number represents the METAPHOR for the change of a dancer’s ever-evolving life, committed to dance & inspiring others’ METAMORPHOSIS today !”

“Brian Torner has devoted his life to helping other dancers live the dream to become World Finalists! Danny Quilliam & Christine Kunz placed 4th in the 2003 WDC World Professional Classic Showdance with “TIMEby main choreographer/costume design/follow up/mentor: Brian Torner. For his assistance in making this dream for these dancers come true: Thanks for gracious technical assistance to Pierre Allaire.”

“Honoured to be honoured Brian Torner & Brigitt Mayer 2011 invitation to perform 14 years after retirement in Blackpool 1997 Invitation Exhibition runners-up with METAMORPHOSIS at the 25th Anniversary GALA of the German Open Championships, alongside Hans Galke & Bianca Schreiber, Dmitry Timokhin & Anna Bezikova, Horst & Andrea Beer, Martin Dihlmann & Lydia Weisser, Ralf Mueller & Olga Mueller-Olmetchenko and Bryan Watson & Carmen.”

“What great memories of a friendly rivalry with US Champions (and my former partner Shirley Johnson) which inspired Brian Torner & Brigitt Mayer to great heights like here at Ohio Star Ball known on television as PBS-TV’s “Championship Ballroom Dancing” organized by former beloved coach Sam Sodano and hosted by Ron Montez & the late Juliette Prowse. RESULTS: 1st: Sparks/Johnson USA, 2nd: Torner/Mayer Canada, 3rd: Meredith/Lapatin USA, 4th: Allaire/Veilleux Canada, 5th: MacDonald/MacDonald USA & 6th: Sidall/Benitez USA

“Remember the hunger for excellence… and HELP FOSTER and NURTURE it in others.” First Breakthrough on the WORLD STAGE 1992: Brian Torner with Brigitt Mayer. The choreography of late Oliver Wessel-TherhornPINK PANTHER” 4th place WDC World South American ShowDance 4th place representing Canada!


PARTICIPATE IN GROUP EXPERIENCES – NURTURE CHARACTER-BUILDING through THE TEAM SPIRIT — TSZ AACHEN 2003 WDSF European & World Runners-Up in Latin Formation representing Germany  … dancing “LATIN AMERICA!” (NB: Together with Petra Heiduk, Formation Dancing icon in Europe & multiple World Champion Choreographer & Trainer plus Richard Erning and a talented group of dancers from across Germany Brian Torner formed the important third arm of the trainer team: entrance, technical trainer & innovative choreographer!”

Vintage Brian Torner & Brigitt Mayer Promo Video with 3rd place WDC World Professional Latin ShowDance 1995 entry for Canada “Barefoot Latin Jungle”, choreography by Dr. Ruud Vermeij. This is a compilation of footage: complete ORIFLAME DANISH OPEN INVITATION showtime “Barefoot Latin Jungle”, then highlights from AROUND THE WORLD 5 DANCE LATIN Torner/Mayer show, even a brief clip from 1st Blackpool Winter Gardens performance at 1996 WDC European Professional Standard dancing METAMORPHOSIS alongside Michael Chapman & Ana Llorente and the English Exhibition champions.