INSPIRE ON > Urban Matador DESCRIPTOR, C.V. + new developments

INSPIRE ON  > Urban Matador  DESCRIPTOR, C.V. + new developments



Urban Matador is the title of the biographical portrait series about the life of dancer Brian Torner, photography by Angel Torres. In 2018, Urban Matador was accepted as solo exhibition into the CONTACT Photography Festival programme

Within an astounding 5 months, Torres & Torner treated themselves to a vacation in Cuba, the photography from which, became part of 2019 open call group exhibition also at host venue The Continental Dance Club titled Back To The Roots

Displayed as complete portfolio installations of mini and regular sized works mounted onto HD and raw brushed aluminium variations, Urban Matador travelled from Mississauga to Toronto to Duesseldorf … and back in less than 180 days!

Both Torres & Torner included aspects of live performance and interactivity in the fabric of each exhibition, like LIVE PERFORMANCE @ the opening of the international group show, WOMEN AUTHORS INTERVIEW SERIES by Brian Torner’s childhood & youth competitive dance partner online ask for authors  Elizabeth Ruth MATADORA, Joie Lamar QUARANTE Y NUEVE, Pollyanna Blanco IN RHYTHM WITH YOUR SOUL and Carolyn BOLL, BALLROOM POETRY for a special YOUTUBE feature  by The Continental Dance Club: ENJOY special, LIVE READINGS at the opening SUBJECT: #BackToTheRoots!

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Galerie Bernd A Lausberg Duesseldorf, GERMANY:
2018 FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION…/monika-falke-angel-torres-achi…/…
>EVENT/LIVE PERFORMANCE Urban Matador/.Exhibition >…/galerielausbergduessel…
>12 inch FLAT PHOTO BOOK Urban Matador including NEW images . of Urban Matador & Duesseldorf/Cologne .
>2018 PERFORMANCE ONLY> includes dedication to Urban Matador’s real life competitive dance partner 1991-1998 representing Canada as 4time World Finalists & World Showdance RUNNERS UP,, this performance includes DEDICATION by Urban Matador to Canada’s award-winning author Brigitt Mayer-Karakis (NDCC,World Dance Council Head of Historical Committee) & Mayer-Karakis’ own father, Germany’s industrial photographer Ulrich Hans Mayer of
>2014 Brian Torner 50th BIRTHDAY > Ulrich Hans Mayer & Brigitt Mayer authored FIFTY AND FABULOUS artistic collaborations between BFF FotoDesigner .STUDIO Duesseldorf with Canada’s Brian Torner & Brigitt Mayer from 1991 – today

TRAVEL Paris, FRANCE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      1998  IT’S SHOWTIME on EUROSPORT French OPEN  & WDC WORLD SERIES


.    .

>2018 Urban Matador MOVES. on a boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam with Angel Torres videography, Brian Torner caping artistry, boat captain, our Dutch tour guide and Moroccan model guests!…


> 2018 Urban Matador MEETS Waterlicht, captured by, including merging final moments of the public art and event space feature presented by The Bentway, featuring the immersive eco-critical artistic light installation by Dutch artist, Dan Roosegaard



>> 2013 Urban Matador connects with former undefeated US Champion & World Classic Showdance Finalist Olga Foroponova-Wright for 3 1/2 minutes improvised during CHRISTMAS EXTRAVAGANZA


>>2015 Urban Matador connects with the then reigning Titleholder of Miss World Canada Camille Munro-Parker to raise funds & awareness for


Urban Matador creates GYPSEY TRAIL choreography for YEAR5 UNESCO International Dance Day Showcase
>> 2019 Urban Matador COLLABORATES with REIKI HEALER Pollyanna Blanco and Christopher Johnstone  for creation of Urban Retreat CHAKRADANCE monthly soul spa series

>> 2019 TESTIMONIAL INTERVIEW + audience lesson & closing tableau April 29 2019 MIDNITE YEAR6 UNESCO International Dance Day Showcase


<The evolution of Urban Matador> We take the road tool of empowerment and channelling of individual creativity seriously>

photo from Sunday, April 28 4th CHAKRADANCE soul spa URBAN RETREAT
courtesy Angel Torres


>> 2019 & 2020 CITY-TV comes to cover Urban Matador & director of Brian Torner during YEAR6 UNESCO IDD collecting original material to flow into 4 month TV COMMERCIALS airing associated with
Marc & Mandy Show

> 2018 Interactive Urban Matador encounters impromptu fusions of live music photography/videography and caping artistry
CUBATON meets Urban Matador meets GYPSY DANCE:


> 2019 The Urban Matador in nostalgic mode with spontaneous live music collaborative interactive saxophone live performance caught by LIL MARLENE…/vid…/vl.267880097303057/965605157120313/…

@ regular tempo & SLO MOTION
> 2018 The Continental Dance Club Angel Torres & Brian Torner
> 2019 Billy Bishop Airport with Angel Torres & Brian Torner…/…/vb.637205402/10161935441700403/…
> 2018 Urban Matador moves into the night … in front of new GIANT SCREEN across Nathan Philips Square TD BANK

> 2017 World AIDS Day donations to Toronto PWA photography by Katharina Mayer THEATRUM FAMILIAE (2012) Hardcore BIKE RALLYists Angel .Torresans UrbanMatador (2018)
> 2019 Private Reception – Celebrating 30 YEARS Pink Pages Antoine Elhashem Kim Doble  celebrate @ The Palais Royale, which also happened to be the namesake of the 2000-2003 hit TV series on WTN-TV (now “W” Network) starring Brian R Torner functioning as HOST&COLOUR COMMENTATOR


> The Continental Dance Club
9 piece INSTALLATION photography on HD aluminium
> WERRA Management + TORNER PARTNERS Public Accountancy LLB
9 piece INSTALLATION photography on raw brushed aluminium
> Brian Torner private 2020 *NEWS* entire large 16×24 inch Urban Matador collection 10 works photography HD aluminium


Brian Torner aims to standardize the language, skill set, intention and designs and dynamics of the Urban Matador relying on the dancer’s own unique dance experience shaped by Laban, Ballroom & Latin American Dancing, Flamenco, Ballet, Contemporary Dancing and more…. especially following repeat enquiries to hold a workshop, class, etc. as from Mississauga Living Arts Centre programming.


In short, the Urban Matador, since the first reveal of the Matador series at 2018 CONTACT Photography Festival, has seen an increasing number of fans and a metamorphosis of sorts. Follow the developments and share your thoughts or enquire to purchase a print, famed or unframed, a photo book, installation appointment. CHECK OUT or REQUEST TO JOIN Facebook Fan page #Ambassadors of the #UrbanMatador CLOSED GROUP

Brian Torner, had 12 (twelve) capes made, of which the aim was to include the perceiver in the dialogue through HOW TO CAPE classes, OPENING EVENT and CLOSING FINISSAGE, January – April monthly feature part of author, Reiki Healer & Chakradance Facilitator Pollyanna Blanco’s SOUL SPA URBAN RETREAT series including testimonial spot interview during YEAR6 UNESCO International Dance Day SHOWCASE.