Brian Torner and The Continental Dance Club

Brian Torner and The Continental Dance Club

Seemingly though not, out of no-where, I kind and thoughtful gesture turned out to be a landing pad, a new home and a family. That was the gesture and the follow-through of Mr. Brian Torner, renowned Canadian Ballroom legend, and the legacy that his family run space, the Continental Dance Club, provided for me, my family and our health based professional dance practise.

For the open, elegant and open learning experiences that The Continental Dance Club has facilitated for my wife Cynthia and our clients, through transitional, established AND unprecedented times, to the performance opportunities that Brian has generously opened for us, I can only say THANK YOU!!!

It has been an honour and a pleasure to share the stage, the studio and the family legacy with you Mr. Torner!

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Nathaniel Kozlow

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