THANK YOU for your LIKE today!~ DAT Project submission Caped Crusader 2020

THANK YOU for your LIKE today!~ DAT Project submission Caped Crusader 2020

Hello all,

Happy 2020 from Brian Torner and the Torner Family!

Today, I ask you to share the video below with your students, friends and supporters, particularly those attached to the cultures of dance and more @ The Continental Dance Club. This video link below is in support of Kristina Kulikova’s brainchild DAT Project – The Biggest Show Dance Production of the YEAR!

The video sampled was produced with the help of photographer/videographer Angel Torres. Please enjoy the official submission video for Brian Torner as CAPED CRUSADER 2020.

As the director of The Continental Dance Club, may I use this message to share my joy and ask for your support. It’s true > Brian Torner is officially “IN” – competing in a performance arts competition called DAT Project!

This journey will see me perform February 23rd at the largest Ballroom studio in Canada, indeed I refer to DANCE DNA.

I make no mistake… I must dance for my life, if I can be considered within TOP3 of my category: SOLO 16+ to emerge as finalist (TOP15) performing to the end, where a single act is determined WINNER.

The date of the DAT Project finale, held at the National Ballet of Canada’s Betty Oliphant Theatre, coincides with my personal dedication to my 85 and 86 years young parents Ernst & Ursula, who will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on the same date, namely is March 15, 2020. In any event, I along with my family and our closest supporters will be on hand to support all participants!

Most “LIKEd” youtube submission video $500.

Top prize DAT Project 2020 $10 000.

@ DAT Project, we are definitely all winners. THANK YOU  for your support of the independent dance, art, photography private and public event venue established in 1992 … and growing with YOU @ 3141 Wharton Way, Mississauga, ON L4X 2B6 aka The Continental Dance Club.

Please join me with your support. I dedicate my journey to Ernst & Ursula Torner, owners of

PLEASE NOTE: Feel free to share some or all of this correspondence as a post on web pages and/or social media pages you belong to: .

Only “LIKEs” of the original youtube video NOT this particular post will be eligible for the “most LIKEd” youtube video submission. Thank YOU!

Respectfully yours,

I remain,

Brian Torner



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