UrbanMatador ON TOUR > Matadora & her 3 Matadors > first rehearsals …

UrbanMatador ON TOUR >  Matadora & her 3 Matadors > first rehearsals …

Since the 2018 CONTACT Photography Festival open solo exhibition @ host venue The Continental Dance Club, Angel Torres’ biographical portrait series about the life of dancer Brian Torner against backdrop of Toronto skyline, the exhibition has travelled and the matador experience has been shared interactively with other dancers and non-dancers and is set to be motif for part of other celebrations of life like the dancer’s birthday and to perform in front of larger audiences….THIS IS LITERALLY FIRST REHEARSAL for Brian’s birthday party, but expect costumes and additional choreography and music besides the fine work started here by collaboration with Carlos Zapata, reigning undefeated Canadian professional exhibition/theatre arts champion.

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ENQUIRIES: Brian Torner [email protected]


Brian Torner improvised LIVE PERFORMANCE Duesseldorf