WELCOME Brian R Torner to Mississauga ARTS scene: FAUSTA

WELCOME Brian R Torner to Mississauga ARTS scene: FAUSTA

As some of The Continental Dance Club followers/students and friends are aware: director Brian R Torner end of 2020 made the move from downtown Toronto to a gorgeous Lakeview Mississauga condo. One of the first encounters of the year 2021 was with FAUSTA. an exceptional multi-talented artist, whom I recall meeting at The LIBERTY GRAND on the CNE Grounds, where she was showing her photography work as part of Toronto’s “The ARTIST Project”. Both Bernd Lausberg and Brian R Torner (2006-2012) at the time co directors of Lausberg Contemporary, Toronto location, were keen to invite FAUSTA to the gallery programme. Fortunately, FAUSTA was also approached and since that time has been represented by the best of the best: CONTACT Photography Festival Founder and CAMERA Gallery, Stephen Bulger  owner.

The highlight of my pandemic lockdown emergency week must be the over 2 hour conversation we had….

.         MORE FAUSTA >>> https://www.bulgergallery.com/artists/53-fausta-facciponte/overview/



THANK YOU dear FAUSTA for the great conversation, kind words and passionate, helpful approach to our second conversation, after several years, which came completely unexpected…

… and I found delightful, energizing, encouraging and  INSPIRING!


Looking forward to reconnecting later in 2021!




Brian R Torner

director The Continental Dance Club Mississauga