WELCOME to our The Continental Dance Club: Bianca Torner …. See you soon summer road trip to Mississauga from Atlanta and back….!

WELCOME to our The Continental Dance Club: Bianca Torner …. See you soon summer road trip to Mississauga from Atlanta and back….!


TORNERS & CO TOGETHER  this week as the universe aligns to give back:
WE ARE A LIVING TESTIMONIAL OF TERPSICHOREAN PERSEVERANCE, 54 year FAMILY-BUSINESS Husband & Wife Public Accounting & Business Management Accounting today known as TORNER & PARTNERS LLB TEAM octogenarian super savvy, my fabulous sister, ERnst & Ursula’s daughter ARRIVES and I must take my hat off to te person who most helped the downsized famiy business in its Mississauga home, before bravely departuring into TRUMP-LAND.
IT’S NOT JUST … another day at the  office!!! Bianca is going tomorrow already, but GOOD NEWS:  Now she may travel freely with her newly issued US Government GREEN CARD!
WELCOME #BackToTheRoots to our (Canada) family legacy: a spectacular membership free inclusive venue for dancing … & MORE>
2019 The Continental Dance Club family/community dream come true:
photo: Angel Torres  location: Havana, Cuba   for 2019 CONTACT Photography Festival open call group exhibition @ HOST VENUE The Continental Dance Club  https://scotiabankcontactphoto.com/exhibition/back-to-the-roots-2/

…meanwhile back in the USA,                     “GREEN (CARD) MEANS FREEDOM”!!!

We are all so relieved and endlessly blessed to have the family complete with loving new additions too together… 

PRIDE MONTH & every day               … WE ARE FAMILY!

I AM SO HAPPY that the wait for a GREEN CARD is over for dear Sis Bianca Torner, now in town for an amazing week of events to attend, like HOST VENUE The Continental Dance Club’s second year entry CONTACT Photography Festival with Angel Torres beautiful #CubaLIBRE2019 impressionable photography art hommage to HAVANA – this year 500 years young!
#BackToTheRoots is the official multi-medial contribution to CONTACT 2019 at HOST VENUE The Continental Dance Club, which includes addoitional archival photography & videography loops highlighted on HD giant screens of our ecclectic, electric shared her- & histories of dance transformation since 1992, inauguration of a Canadian Cuban KAFFEEKLATSCH eat drink love buy art casual drop-in event Friday 2-4 new tradition, a splendid FINISSAGE TEA DANCE with LIVE MUSIC for dancing by Maestro John Loomis & The Continental dance Club virtual dance orcjestra + chorus, a Lake Ontario Lakehouse lucious St Catherines & Toronto TORNERS++ Families dinner ….and today and tonite,  the crowning glory or shall I write glory squared> a very exciting gift to Ernst Torner & Ursula Torner THANK YOU Kamil Studenny Carlos Zapata ORGANISERS & PERFORMERS Friday, June 14 2019 DON’T MISS IT> The Big Show! http://www.tocentre.com/events/big-show-magic-dance ….A N D  as if that were not enough wonderful for one week, today Sunday, June 2 we all again came together to witness an absolutely divinely sublime and energetic, authentic 15th annual concert of The Academy of Serbian Folk Dancing! CONGRATULATIONS all dancers all ensembles, all musicians, all educators, all volunteers, all mentors  and   foremost thanks and CONGRATULATIONS Miroslav Bata & Rodika Marcetic, the incredible singer who was hauntingly brilliant filling The Metro Convention Centre theater.
THANK YOU to the heart and soul of the incredible Academy of Serbian Folk Dancing www.marcetic.com TEAM PARTNERS of The Continental Dance Club since 2013 – enjoying 15th season at 3141 Wharton Way, Mississauga. WOW!

WELCOME author Elizabeth RUTH MATADORA … in addition to JOIE LAMAR, CAROLYN BOLL and POLLYANNA BLANCO also in the #BackToTheRoots Keren Brown                  WOMEN AUTHORS INTERVIEW SERIES!


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