WHAT’S YOUR AFFILIATION? A PRO-AM competitor? ANNUAL FEES DUE> CanadianDanceSportFederation.ca & World Dance Council

WHAT’S YOUR AFFILIATION? A PRO-AM competitor? ANNUAL FEES DUE> CanadianDanceSportFederation.ca & World Dance Council

Happy new year!!

It’s time to renew your CDF Membership, WDC Licence and SOCAN Fees. Due to a few technical difficulties, we are a bit delayed in sending this email and therefore the deadline to avoid late charges is extended to January 31st, 2019! Please note that after Jan 31st, a $50 late fee will be added.

If you have an existing account, you can simply log in and then pay your fees. If you don’t, please first register (https://canadiandancesportfederation.ca/membership/register) and then follow the steps to payment.

A few important reminders: 

MEMBERSHIP: In order to purchase a WDC License or pay your SOCAN Fees, you must be a member of CDF (General or Qualified).

WDC PRO/AM: Any Professional  Competitor entering a WDC Pro/Am event must be registered with WDC, as a competitor, through CDF.

QUALIFIED MEMBERS: To maintain your credentials as a CDF qualified professional, you must remember to renew your CDF membership each year.  Failure to do so could lead to losing your credentials.

SOCAN: Every year we receive a number of inquiries about SOCAN so here’s a little reminder. SOCAN protects music rights and licenses music access. A SOCAN licence gives you the freedom and flexibility to use virtually any music you want for your business or public event. CDF has negotiated a license agreement for its members which is essentially a group rate, resulting in the lowest possible fee. Without paying this fee, you risk the chance of being fined. If you have paid your SOCAN fee and are contacted by SOCAN, you simply need to let them know that you are covered under the CDF group rate and they will then check with CDF directly. This license is personal and applies to wherever you are working. However, your participation in SOCAN is entirely your choice and separate from your involvement with CDF.
Please visit: www.socan.ca to learn more.

PAYMENT: The payment system is powered by PayPal. However, it doesn’t mean you need to have a Paypal account to pay. Simply follow the steps to the end and you will have an option to pay by Credit/Debit card.

Jenny Sochnacki has transitioned her role of Admin Secretary to Christie Swain. If you have any questions re: Membership or other CDF inquiries, please send to the email listed below:

 [email protected]

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