Continental Dance Club Mississauga – Ballroom, Latin & Wedding Dance Lessons, Mississauga, Ontario

The Continental Dance Club Mississauga – ENJOY FUN Ballroom&Latin, disco&salsa, Wedding&Specialty Dance Lessons, practice/rehearse – CONTACT US TODAY!

The Continental Dance Club Mississauga – ENJOY FUN Ballroom&Latin, disco&salsa, Wedding&Specialty Dance Lessons, practice/rehearse – CONTACT US TODAY!

WELCOME to! SHALL WE DANCE? BOOK your first complimentary lesson/consultation today. CONTACT TODAY. BECOME a MEMBER FREE! THIS SUMMER & AUTUMN AUG20&21 Kidz Latin Camp & AUG20 Kidz Can Dance, SEP10 ADULTZ DANCE TOO dj+dinner+dance with DJ PAT GULLO, OCT15 a WOMEN’s ONLY retreat ….. weekly Gordon Fong Fridays open social dance lesson & practice PLUS special HALLOWE’EN SCARY WEDDING dance crash course & MASQUERADE BALL!

SIGN IN please…

The Continental Dance Club is family-owned and people-powered. The inspiring TORNERS, Ernst 81, Ursula 82 & Bianca 43 operate a Chartered Accountancy firm ET CAs in its 50th year operation. Working as a team works!  In 2014, the Ontario Amateur DanceSport Association honored the TORNERS with the Award of Distinction for the preservation of 3141 Wharton Way The Continental Dance Club, Mississauga, Ontario CANADA!

TODAY, you are welcomed by the director of Brian Torner 51 :

I have a vision: to provide, maintain, sustain & nourish an appetite for dance in all genres & enable space in an engaging place for events, parties, lessons, practice & innovative cross-training options for all levels of dancer/performer/athlete professional or amateur whether social or competitive or budding performer or somewhere in between. As producer, MC and HOST of several public events including UNESCO International Dance Day OPEN HOUSE annually on April 29th, I am inspired to engage with the community that uses The Continental Dance Club and committed to bring together a real & virtual community of supporters & followers that connect globally. DON’T MISS this fabulous event highlighting the educational, philanthropic and transformational importance of dance as recognized by the United Nations.

BOTH director Brian R Torner and The Continental Dance Club are members of the United Nations UNESCO Conseil International de la Danse.

The Continental Dance Club will always be a  NO MEMBERSHIP FEE zone. ALL USERS whether instructor or student must complete the  Continental Dance Club SIGN IN – no photography & no photography inside the main ballroom without prior permission in writing submitted to AND/OR
with payment received of $25 per person per annum. NO EXCEPTIONS!


THANK YOU – YOU preserve this tradition!






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one of our featured online IN-HOUSE or GUEST INSTRUCTORS with TOP10 GOOGLE RATING? $100 ANNUAL FEE PLUS $150 start up fee to cover graphic & printing costs for 250 4×9 RACKCARD to be included on PROJECT80 WALL OF FAME

EARN VOLUNTEER CREDIT? Become a dedicated VOLUNTEER HERO for UNESCO International Dance Day OPEN HOUSE. Helpers needed for all aspects of event preparation to event realisation. EARN CREDIT TOWARD OHSGD or through your college/university or IMPROVE YOUR RESUME with letter of commendation/character reference >>>

MINIMUM 20 hours

….please enquire with Brian Torner, director  E: